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Who is SimplyBorrowed?

We've been in your shoes, that's why we created SimplyBorrowed!

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your unique


We take pride in helping citizens, permanent residents, refugees, and international students in Canada, access the funds they need, since 2016.


Founded in 2016 by individuals who went through the Canadian immigration process, SimplyBorrowed understands the unique circumstances and financial challenges that newcomers have to face on a daily basis. We take pride in helping Citizens, Permanent Residents, Refugees, and International Students.

We live by our values


We offer products that are easy to understand. Our process is straightforward and won’t leave you hanging for days, waiting for your approval!


Our services are clear and transparent from the start as we believe these principles are fundamental in building trust with our customers. We don’t hide important details in the fine print; what you see is what you get!


Our entire process is online, making it easy and convenient for you to apply. Simply complete your application, submit the supporting documentation, and once your loan has been approved, the money will be paid directly into your bank account!


SimplyBorrowed understands the unique circumstances and financial challenges that newcomers have to face. Our mission is to provide financial options to individuals in Canada, who have limited or no access to conventional sources of funding.


“Settling in Canada has been a life accomplishment. I look back on my immigration journey and most of the challenges that I faced were financial. Although you try to read everything online, talk to friends and build a detailed budget, there are always unexpected costs.

As someone new in the country, my credit score was low. Banks would say ‘no’ and payday lenders were not an option due to their high prices.

There is a lack of companies willing to help individuals that have no credit history, have low income, or are new in Canada at a fair and transparent price. SimplyBorrowed is set to make that change.”

Victor Mendez, Co-Founder